Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Rent to Own and how does it work?
Rent to Own is a rental purchase agreement consisting of 18 equal payments on approved credit. Once approved there is a first payment and deposit, of the same amount, required and you are on your way. The monthly payments are inclusive of finance and administrative charges and the GST. 

2) Do you have a delivery service and do you charge for it?
Yes, we have our own qualified staff  who deliver and set up your purchases in your own home. Our delivery radius is within 20km of Grande Prairie for which we charge a small nominal fee. Deliveries required outside of this area are usually contracted out to other delivery or freight companies.

3) Do you set up and install our purchases?
Yes we do set up and install your purchases with the exception of built-in product and stereo equipment.

4) What do I do with my old stuff?
We have a consignment service available in which we may be able to sell it for you ,or for a fee, arrange to dispose of it in local disposal areas.

5) Do you only do Rent to Own?
No, we also sell our products like any other business. Our purchase prices are clearly tagged on the products for your convenience.

6) What if you don't have in stock what I want?
We will gladly special order it from any of our approved suppliers or advise you whom in Grande Prairie may carry it.