Three great types of upholstery materials

As it has been since the beginning leather is the leader in overall toughness and durability as well as its ability to take die very well offering a wide range of color anywhere from black to yellows and reds. Leather gets more supple and comfy with time and coolness and hot and sticky times are usually short lived. Well cared for leather can last in excess of ten years, it costs more but it’s also worth it in the long run.

Synthetic materials are the most common today and polyester is the leader among these newer fabrics. Polyester doesn’t fade from sunlight or cleaning, it is very stain resistant and cleans well when accidents do happen. The actual feel and appearance can vary from fuzzy and fluffy to smooth and textured similar to leather in -appearance all offering long wear and low maintenance. Some would say it is the “new nylon”, as nylon is also extremely strong and durable and was for many years the main cover on most upholstery for decades.

Not to be forgotten is olefin, also a synthetic fibre and very strong and flexible with a one up on some others as it is made from plastic it offers protection against liquid stains. The fibre strands in olefin are larger and coarser than polyester so the feel of it is a bit rough to the touch on its own. The way around this fact is of course blends of olefin and other synthetics like polyester, rayon or a natural fibre like silk or cotton to give you the best of all things and long life from your upholstery.

I highly recommend you turn up a cushion or tip a chair over to see what it’s actually made of and know what type of wear you should expect from the furniture your considering buying at your local stores or ask your retailer they will know.