Recliners Today

The recliner today is not a lot like they were when they were introduced to todays Generations. The-dad-chair was a very large chair that took up half the living room, and that was before it was reclined without hitting the wall behind it. Sometimes they were not nice to look at either-remember your dads green naugahide recliner ?


Todays recliners have gone from the old handle recliner to hidden pocket releases for the chair or even a parachute handle release on the inside edge of the arm, combined with the wall-away motion allowing you to set your chair mere inches from a wall and still fully recline without doing any damage.


In a move to get more ladies into these super comfy chairs they are now built on a much smaller frame more in proportion with the smaller figures of the ladies. This also gives you more room to accommodate chairs for everyone. You can still have that sectional and the relaxing comfort of recliners in the same room.

Decorating with recliners in mind has never been easier, with literally hundreds of covers to choose from and even more colors, setting up your rooms has never been easier, order in from a local retailer and get exactly what you want.

The last decision you will have to make is sometimes the hardest, do I get a power recliner or manual? Yes it’s an added cost to you but when you consider the ease of reclining and the ability to put your chair in exactly the right spot for maximum comfort, and have it stay there it is well worth considering.


There are even more features out there on recliners to enhance your comfort and relaxation, picture a nice warm heater or massager on your chair or even a recliner that will help lift you up if your sore and stiff or unable, todays recliners have grown with us and our needs-keep them in mind the next time you’re furniture shopping.