Gliders Today

The fact that gliders are here in no way means rocking chairs are out the door. On the contrary, rocking chairs are great for loosening muscles and sore, stiff joints . You will get the same relief in a glider but it will be delivered in a different way. Gliders move back and forth while rocking chairs move on an ark. Those that have gliders say they are a must have in the home - especially if there is a nursery in the house, and by all means add the ottoman that moves in the same fashion as the glider smooth comfort for both baby and mom while feeding and no chance of catching the dogs tail underneath while you do it. A smooth rocking motion offers increased endorphins- the feel good hormone, as well as helps calm baby helping them go back to sleep more easily. As we all know, little ones can be messy but today’s gliders mostly have removeable covers for a quick wash and dry without a lot of trouble.

I have heard it said that some cheaper chairs begin to squeak after a while which can be terribly annoying. I recommend getting a better glider that can be lubricated or at least one that has some warranty on the bushings that can squeak.
You can usually find gliders in different physical sizes. If your nursery is tight space wise, they normally only need 4-5 feet for the glider to rock back and forth fully, add a couple more feet if you have the ottoman as well.

Fall offers the best selection of colors, sizes and covers as retailers gear up for the holiday season. So who on your list needs a glider rocker for their home or nursery this year? It will be a gift they will love and enjoy for years to come.